Dr Rod Tilbury

Senior Lecturer

BSc(Hons) University of Western Australia (1982); PhD University of Western Australia (1987); Lecturer, University of Papua New Guinea (1988-91)

Research Interests

Main research interest is in the field of physical chemistry, with interdisciplinary connections to biophysics, medicine and microbiology. Research has been concerned with the spectral and kinetic studies of ultraweak luminescence from biological systems using very sensitive photon counting techniques. In addition the effects and functions of this weak chemiluminescence are being studied.

Recent Research Projects

The Ultraweak Chemiluminescence of Human Blood and its Relationship to Disease (references 1-3).
Studies of the Ultraweak Luminescence from Yeast and Bacteria (references 4-8).
Chemiluminescence in Ethanol Metabolism of Rat Hepatocytes.
Chemiluminescence from the Autoxidation of Glutathione and some epipolythio-2,5-piperazinediones.
A Novel Chemiluminescent Method for Trace Metal Analysis.

Some Representative Publications

  1. (with A.J. Matich & T.W. Jordan) Characteristics of the chemiluminescence from the blood plasma of a normal human population, Photochem. Photobiol., 1995, 62, 550-556.
  2. (with Y. Mua) The Effect of Oxygen on the Spontaneous Ultraweak Chemiluminescence of Human Blood, Photochem. Photobiol., 1990, 51S, 94S.
  3. (with Y.J. Mua) The Chemiluminescence of Human Blood NZ Med. J., 1992, 932, 155.
  4. The Effect of Stress Factors on the Spontaneous Photon Emission from Microorganisms, Experientia, 1992, 48, 1030-1041.
  5. (with T.I. Quickenden) Luminescence from the Yeast Candida utilis and Comparisons across Three Genera, J. Biolumin. Chemilumin., 1992, 7, 245-253.
  6. (with T.I. Quickenden) Luminescence Spectra of Exponential and Stationary Phase Cultures of Respiratory Deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae, J. Photochem. Photobiol. B: Biol., 1991, 8, 169-174.
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  8. R.N. Tilbury, D.J. Gregg, J.M. Percival, and A.J. Matich, Ultraweak chemiluminescence from human blood plasma, 1st internet conference on photochemistry and photobiology, 1997.

21 June 1999