The Third Internet Photochemistry and Photobiology Conference

Nov 24 -Dec 24 2000

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Ground and Singlet Excited State Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions between 1-Azacarbazole and Amides
Manuel Galán, Carmen Carmona, Pilar Guardado, María A. Muńoz and Manuel Balón.

4,5’,8-trimethylpsoralen induces numbers of DNA-protein cross-links
Christine Marzano, Emilia Severin and Franco Bordin

Comparison of photohemolytic efficiencies of deuteroporphyrin-IX derivatives
Galina V. Mansurova, Oksana G. Pogrebnaya, Gelii V. Ponomarev, Andrei V. Reshetnickov, Alexander Ya. Potapenko, Lina N. Bezdetnaya and François Guillemin

A Semiempirical Study of the Optimized Ground and Excited State Potential Energy Surfaces of Retinal and its Protonated Schiff Base
Andreas B. J. Parusel and Andrew Pohorille

Photochemical treatment stimulates cationic polymer-mediated, but not cationic lipid-mediated transfection
Lina Prasmickaite, Anders Hřgset, Marit Hellum, Birgit Ř. Engesćter, Vibeke M. Olsen, Carl J. Wheeler, Kristian Berg

Peculiarities of Water-Porphyrin Interaction in Large-Scale Porphyrin Aggregates
Alexander V. Udal’tsov, Vladimir A. Sinani, Lev A. Kazarin, Alexei A. Sweshnikov

Back reflected photons and Carbon Monoxide Enhance Chemiluminescence in non-diluted human blood: evidence in favour of red and white cells interactions
V.L. Voeikov, R. Asfaramov, Yu.S. Bulargina, C.N. Novikov, N.D. Vilenskaya.

Quantitative spin trapping supported by chemical mechanism
András Németh, Tamás Kriska and Dezso Gál

Does Hula-Twist Contribute to Z/E Isomerization in Solvents? Brief Notes on the Hula-Twist Mechanism.
Olga Dmitrenko and Wolfgang Reischl

Theoretical Insight On The Urocanic Acid E/Z Photoisomerization Wavelengths Dependence
Olga Dmitrenko and Wolfgang Reischl

Synthesis of new axial coordinated water dissolved phthalocyanine complexes of Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium.
Tomachynski L.A., Chernii V.Ya. and Volkov S.V.

Tumour microcirculation; a target for aminolaevulinic acid based photodynamic therapy
F.R. Potter, M.W.R. Reed & N.J. Brown
  Microcirculation Research Unit

The chemiexcitation of the photosensitisers
Martina Bancirova; Hana Kolarova; Rene Lenobel; Jitka Frebortova, Jarmila Medkova, Jan Lasovsky

Investigation of TPPS4 and its agregates. Multiple Poster Presentation by the Laser Research Centre, Vilnius University

Structural pathways of electron transfer via tunnelling and van der Waals in the cytochrome f-plastocyanin cpmplex
Mário Fragata

Multiple forms of formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase produced by alternative splicing in Arabidopsis thaliana
Terence M. Murphy and Ming-Jun Gao

Quantum-chemical studies of the organic azide photooxidation mechanism
Sergei V. Zelentsov, Alexander A. Shchepalov

Photochemical crosslinking of the low molecular weight vinylcontaining polysiloxanes with organic azides
Nadezda V. Zelentsova, Sergei V. Zelentsov, Mark J.M. Abadie, and Elena N.Makareeva

Investigation of the variables substitution methods to solve the photochemical kinetics problems
Samuil Kh. Aranson, Leonid A. Belyakov, Sergei V. Zelentsov

Trapping of the radical products from the organic azide photooxidation reaction mixture
Maxim V. Kuznetsov, Sergei V. Zelentsov, Alexander A. Shchepalov

Temperature-dependent formation and photorepair of DNA damage induced by UV-B radiation in suspension-cultured tobacco cells
Shaoshan Li, Markus Paulsson and Lars Olof Björn (pdf file)

Triplet lifetime dependence on vibrational energy for gas-phase carbonyl aromatic compounds: benzophenone and fluorenone
G.A. Zalesskaya, D.L. Yakovlev, E.G. Sambor

Picosecond absorption spectroscopy of biologically active pigments NADH, FMN and fluorescence marker Rhodamine-123
S.Pakalnis, V.Sitas, H.Schneckenburger, R.Rotomskis

The Influence of UVA and UVB on the Tyrosine Kinase Profile of Normal Human Keratinocytes
Gabriele Klosner, Roland Varecka,* and Franz Trautinger

Estimation of pedestrian level UV-B exposure under trees in suburban environments
R.H. Grant, G.M. Heisler and W. Gao

Influence of temperature and anaesthesia on production of protoporphyrin IX induced by topical application of 5-aminolevulinic acid and its methylester in normal mouse skin
Petras Juzenas, Vladimir Iani and Johan Moan

Thermal diffusion coefficients of solid polymeric laser dye solutions: a time-resolved thermal lens study
Manuel Pons, Santi Nonell

Testing of the photopolymerizable photoresists
Valeri M. Treushnikov, Elena A. Victorova

In Vivo Documentation of Photochemical Internalization: a Novel Approach to Site Specific Cancer Therapy
Pĺl K. Selbo, Gowsala Sivam, Řystein Fodstad, Kirsten Sandvig and Kristian Berg

Hydroperoxide of the furocoumarin derivative alloimperatorin as photo-Phenton agent: Inhibition of respiratory burst of neutrophils
Maria A. Chadoura, Alla A. Kyagova, Natalia A. Larina, Alexander Ya. Potapenko, Waldemar Adam, Chantu R. Saha-Möller

Spectroscopy in Molecular Assemblies. Structure of Inclusion Complexes in ß-Cyclodextrin Highlighted by Fluorescent Coumarin Derivatives
Régine Dondon and Suzanne Fery-Forgues

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Study of Protoporphyrin IX Metabolism Level in Cells
M. Idrish Miah

Some general regularities of ionizing and 633 nm laser radiation action on bacteria

Psoralen-photosensitized disaggregation of HeLa Cx43 spheroids
Eugene P. Lysenko, Fritz Pliquett, Siegfried Wunderlich, Alexander Ya. Potapenko

ATP synthesis in the disk membranes of rod outer segments of bovine retina.
I. M. Pepe, L. Notari, C. Cugnoli, I. Panfoli , and A. Morelli

New two-functional UVR sunscreen protector and dosimeter
Ivan Petkov and Jean-Michel Nunzi

Photodynamic inactivation of herpes simplex viruses with porphyrin derivatives
Rodica-Mariana ION, Iolanda SAFTA

The spectroscopy and associated photodynamic activity of some 14-alkyl-14H-dibenzoxanthene derivatives
Rodica-Mariana Ion , Carmen Albulescu ,  Okan Sirkecioglu and Naciye Talınl

The phototransformations of organic compounds under powerful laser excitation in condition of lasing and spontaneous radiation.
Rimma T. Kuznetsova

Ultraweak photon emission in  human skin cells: Is UV-induced DNA damage involved in intra-and extra-cellular photobiostimulation?
L.A. Applegate, C. Scaletta and H.J. Niggli

Photochemistry of Phthalimides: Decarboxylation, Addition, Macrocyclization and Deprotection
Michael Oelgemöller and A. G. Griesbeck

Use of uracil thin-layer dosimeter for classification of tanning tubes: hazardous consequences
Z. Kuluncsics, T. Kerékgyártó, P. Gróf, I. Horkay, Gy. Rontó

UV-B dependent and independent vitamin D synthesis in plants (in pdf format)
Lars Olof Björn, Ting Wang, Susanne Widell, Göran Bengtsson

DNA photochemistry, DNA repair, and bacterial spore structure as determinants of spore resistance to solar UV radiation
Wayne L. Nicholson, Patricia Fajardo-Cavazos, Roberto Rebeil, Paul J. Riesenman, and Tony A. Slieman

  Phototherapeutic properties of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin dimer derivatives: a comparative study.
Maria A. F. Faustino, Maria G. P. M. S. Neves, José A. S. Cavaleiro, Marcus Neumann, Hans-D. Brauer, Giulio Jori