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Special lecture including video
The Chemiluminescence of Luminol and bis(2,4,6-trichlorphenyl)oxalate (TCPO)
T. G. Chasteen

1. (Paper)
Ultraviolet protective capabilities of hats under two different atmospheric conditions
M.G. Kimlin, and A.V. Parisi

2. (Paper)
Membrane and soluble fractions of adenylyl cyclase from Sorghum bicolor seedlings positively react to the action of red and far red lights.
Kerim G. Gasumov, Chizuko Shichijo*, Shahniyar M. Bayramov, Tohru Hashimoto

5. (Poster)
Photosensitization of red blood cell photohemolysis by lutetium texaphyrin
Mehmet D. Bilgin, M-Ali Al-Akhras a, Mahmoud Khalili , Hila Hemmati, and Leonard I. Grossweiner

6. (Paper)
Detection of hematogenous spread using laser induced fluorescence (LIF). Initial in vitro results.
Frank Fischer, Wolfgang Maier-Borst, Walter J. Lorenz

7. (Paper)
Effect of low intensity ultraviolet light (280 nm) On the activity of photosystem II particles
J. A. Ségui, V. Maire, I. S. Gabashvili and M. Fragata

8. (Paper)
Photoinduced crosslinking process of PVC films, doped with some 2-PhenylBenzotiazoles
N.Sertova, I.Petkov, M.Evstatiev and T.Deligeorgiev

9. (Paper)
Bilirubin- and light induced cell death in a murine lymphoma cell line
Terje Christensen, Ellen B. Roll, Alicja Jaworska and Gunnar Kinn

10. (Paper)
Photosynthesis and stress
I.S. Zulfugarov

11. (Paper)
Two different fluorescent states of singly protonated dimeric forms of tetraphenylporphine
Alexander V. Udal’tsov and Yuri V. Kovalev

12. (Paper)
Azole-Linked Coumarin Dyes as Fluoresence Probes of Domain-Forming Polymers
Guilford Jones, II and Jennifer Ann C. Jimenez

15. (Paper)
Porphyrin assemblies on poly(dG-dC)2 and poly(dA-dT)2
K. Lang, D. M. Wagnerová, P. Anzenbacher Jr., V. Král, P. Kapusta, P. Kubát

16. (Paper)
Polarized photoacoustic spectra of green bacteria cells
Karolina Klaczynska, Alina Dudkowiak, Danuta Frackowiak, Alfons Planner, Masayuki Hara, Jun Miyake

18. (Paper)
A Semiempirical Study for the Ground and Excited States of Free-Base and Zinc Porphyrin-Fullerene Dyads
Andreas B.J. Parusel

21. (Paper)
In vitro Photodynamic therapy with phthalocyanines on the MCF7 cancer cells
Hana Kolárová, Roman Kubínek, René Lenobel, Martina Bancírová, Miroslav Strnad, 1Dagmar Jírová, Jan Lasovský

23. (Paper)
The solid-state E/Z-photoisomerization of 1,2-dibenzoylethene
Gerd Kaupp, Jens Schmeyers

25. (Paper)
UV and visible light – induced mutations in escherichia coli
K. Sh. Voskanyan

27 (Paper)
Photodynamic effect of deuteroporphyrin IX derivatives on isolated nerve cell
A.B.Uzdensky, A.V.Ivanov, A.V.Reshetnikov, G.V.Ponomarev,
O.Yu.Dergacheva, A.A.Zhavoronkova

28. (Paper)
UV Effects on Invertebrate and Diatom Assemblages of Greece
Reizopoulou, S., Ph. Santas, D. Danielidis, D. -P. Häder and R. Santas

29. (Paper)
Diffuse component of the solar ultraviolet radiation in tree shade  
A.V. Parisi, M.G. Kimlin, J.C.F. Wong, M. Wilson

30. (Paper)
Could irradiation with monochromatic light of visible spectral region cause genetic effects?
T.i.Karu, L.E.Bakeeva, V.M. Manteifel

31 (Poster)
Aromatic azides for photoaffinity labeling: Criterion of the long-wave photosensitivity
Mikhayl F. Budyka and Tatyana S. Zyubina

33. (Poster)
Fluorescence cystoscopy in the diagnostics and treatment of bladder tumors
Petrík R., Jirsa M., Dvorák E., Škoda V., Stádník B.

34. (Poster)
Photolysis of pyrene by UV radiation
Pavel Kubát, Svatopluk Civis, Alexander Muck, Jirí Barek, Jirí Zima

35. (Paper)
The bystander effect in photodynamic induction of apoptosis
Jostein Dahle, Saulius Bagdonas, Gřril Olsen, Olav Kaalhus, Harald B. Steen, Johan Moan

36. (Paper)
Contribution of phosphoinositide-dependent signaling to photomotility of blepharisma ciliate
Hanna Fabczak, Mirosawa Walerczyk, Stanisaw Fabczak

38. (Paper)
Regio-, Stereo-, and Enantioselectivity of the Paternň-Büchi Reaction on 2-Furylmethanols
Maurizio D'Auria and Rocco Racioppi

39. (Poster)
Conformations of ethylhexanoate stabiliser on the surface of CdS nanoparticles
David Diaz, Mario Rivera, Silvia-Elena Castillo-Blum, Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, Tong Ni, Dattatri Nagesha, Juvencio Robles, Octavio-Jaime Alvarez-Fregoso, Nicholas A. Kotov

40. (Paper)
Can photodynamic dose be predicted on sensitizer’s photophysical parameters?
G.Streckyte, D.Frolov, S.Bagdonas, P.Juzenas and R.Rotomskis

41. (Poster)
Teaching Time-Resolved Singlet Oxygen Spectroscopy - Towards a Singlet Oxygen Website
Santi Nonell 

42. (Poster)
Enzymatic activity of metmyoglobin on the thermal back cis-trans isomerization of stilbazolium betaine M.

43. (Poster)
Fractionated delivery of UVA is more efficient in inducing cell death in culture then exposure to an identical single dose.
Rosado-Schlosser B, Klosner G, Kokesch C, Knobler R, Trautinger F

45. (Poster)
Cloning of uvb-induced genes by differential display pcr
M. Pourmojib, S. Rezaie, F. Trautinger, R. Knobler and P. Neuner.

46. (Poster)
Treatment of graft-versus-host-disease with extracorporeal photochemotherapy (ECP, photopheresis)
Robert Knobler and the Vienna GVHD-ECP Team

47. (Poster)
Chemiluminescence in the course of 4,4’-diazidodiphenyl photooxidation reaction
Elena N. Makareyeva, Elena L. Lozovskaya, Igor I. Sapezhinskii, Sergey V. Zelentsov

48. (Paper)
The organic azides photooxidation: brief review
Sergey V. Zelentsov, Nadezda V. Zelentsova, Alexcej B. Zheslov

49. (Paper)
Organic azides photolysis in the crystalline state: the mechanism of polymer formation.
S.V. Zelentsov, A.V.Oleinik

50. (Paper)
New Approach to the Photochemical Kinetics in the Systems with Restricted Mobilities
Samuel Kh. Aranson, Leonid A.Belyakov, Sergei V.Zelentsov, and Vadim D.Lebedev

51. (Paper)
Chemiluminescence from the oxidation of model lipid systems
R.N. Tilbury and H. Miller

52. (Poster)
Teratogenic effects of photosensitizers in the chicken embryo
I. Klepacek, M. Peterka, M. Jirsa

53. (Poster)
New 5-aminolevulinic acid derivatives for selective protoporphyrin IX production in cells
Yann Berger, Alain Greppi, Olivier Siri, Lucienne Juillerat, Reinhard Neier

56. (Paper)
Electrospray-mass spectrometry characterization and measurement of far-UV induced thymine photoproducts
Thierry Douki, Magali Court, Jean Cadet

57. (Paper)
Light and adaptive responses in red macroalgae: an overview.
L. Talarico and G. Maranzana

58 (Poster)
Previtamin D conformations and estimation on their role in the wavelength dependence of previtamin D photosynthesis in vitro
Olga Dmitrenko, John H. Frederick and Wolfgang Reischl

59 (Poster)
Protection against UV-induced systemic immunosuppression by commercially-available sunscreens.
J.J. Finlay-Jones*, A. Jaksic, L.K. Spencer, I. Santucci, and P.H. Hart

60 (Paper)
Ultraweak photon emission in assessing growth factor efficiency using fibroblastic differentiation
Hugo J. Niggli, Corinne Scaletta, Jeff Moehlenbruck, Fritz-Albert Popp, Yan Yu, Renato Panizzon and Lee Ann Applegate

61. (Poster)
Photodynamic effect of different aluminum and zinc phthalocyanines on isolated nerve cell
A.B.Uzdensky, A.A. Zhavoronkova, O.Yu. Dergacheva, V.M. Derkacheva

62. (Poster)
8-methoxypsoralen plus UVA inhibits TH1 cell derived interferon-gamma and interleukin-2 but induces TH2 cell derived interleukin-4 expression
Gabriele Klosner, Robert Knobler, Franz Trautinger and Peter Neuner.

65 (Paper)
The Role of Solar UV on the Development of Macroalgal Assemblages of Greece
R. Santas, D. Danielidis, K. Koussoulaki, M. Prost, Ph. Santas, and D.-P. Häder

66 (Poster)
A possible way for quantification of spin trapping in biology
Dezsô Gál

68. (Paper)
Effect of Light Treatment Conditions on Immunological Mechanisms of Anti-Tumor Resistance.
Vladimir V. Ryl'kov, Robert P. Ogurtsov, Valentina P. Puzirjova, Peter G. Nazarov, Alexander N. Stukov

69. (Poster)
Cell cycle dependent accumulation in mitosis after photodynamic therapy
Kristian Berg and Johan Moan

70. (?)
The photochemical behaviour of 6-X-4H-3-bicyclo[2.2.1]-5-heptene-
-2,3-dicarboimidoiminomethyl)-4-chromones and -4-chromenone. Photochromism and Thermochromism

Anton Gáplovskýa, Jana Donovalováa, Margita Lacováb and Renáta Mracnováa Jarmila Chovancováb

71. (Paper)
Mycosporine-like amino acids in the marine dinoflagellate Gyrodinium dorsum: induction by ultraviolet irradiation
Manfred Klisch and Donat-P. Häder

72. (Paper)
Fluorescence labeled DNA probes for homogeneous detection of complementary sequences
Eva M. Talavera, Moustafa Afkir, Rafael Salto, Alberto M. Vargas and Jose M. Alvarez-Pez

73. (Poster)
Changes in pH of an Anaeroboic Bacterial Culture Grown in a 3 L Bioreactor and Amended with Oxyanions of Selenium
L. Eriksen, Jr. and T.G. Chasteen

74. (Paper)
Following the Time Course Production of Dimethyl Telluride by Bacteria
Using Fluorine-Induced Chemiluminescence

O. M. Akpolat and T.G. Chasteen

76. (Poster)
Quantification of the formation of free radicals In macrophage systems
Dezso Gál, András Németh and Tamás Kriska

77. (Poster)
Experiences with local photodynamic therapy with TPPS4 and non-coherent light in Czech republic
Milena JIRÁSKOVÁ, František VOSMÍK, Miroslav LAPEŠ, Milan JIRSA